IMPORTANT: Mandatory Coaches and Umpire Meeting Moved To New Time and Location

Due to the Martin Luther King Jr holiday the mandatory league meeting has been moved back one week to Monday January 12th at 6PM

The location has also changed. It will be at the Lake Havasu City Aquatic Center Rooms 155-156 which are the outside entry rooms in the back

This is in 3 and one half weeks

Spring 2015 League Meeting

Monday January 12th 6:00 pm

Mandatory for managers or team representatives and umpires.

Please have your filled out rosters and payments at this meeting.

  1. MEN’S LEAGUE = $350 TEAM FEE for (20) scheduled games.
  2. COED LEAGUE = $175 TEAM FEE for (10) scheduled games.
  3. No team sponsorship refunds will be issued.
  4. $22 per player fee will also be assessed
  5. All fees cover:
  • Gameballs
  • Lights
  • Umpire
  • Field Prep

* Uniforms and equipment are the responsibility of each team
League Meeting:

Umpires will be addressed first.

Things to be discussed (not limited to):

  • Head umpire nomination and voting
  • Umpire scheduling
  • New no tolerance rules and enforcement
  • Rule enhancement/clarification/issues
  • Team Scheduling
  • COED Rep nomination and voting
  • Player Rep nomination and voting
  • Financials
  • General concerns

Volunteers for the board are needed:

The Head Umpire will be responsible for ensuring umpires are rescheduled due to a call out. To ensure umpires are properly reporting scores to the designated board member in a timely manner. To address umpire call consistency issues and ensure all umpires are educated on the proper calling of games per the rules. And other duties as needed for the position.

The COED rep will work to ensure COED specific issues and needs are addressed as well as  and player issues.

The Player Rep will work with umpires, players and board members to: Initially address any game protests and present them to the league president and board if deemed valid, address equipment issues such as bat illegality, and assist new players in finding a team or vise versa.

If you do not have your completed roster and payment you will not be put on the schedule for the Spring 2015 season. No exceptions. Each team must have a manager present or a designated team representative with the roster and payment.
Current roster forms will only be accepted. They can be downloaded here: Roster Waiver Form

Please familiarize yourself with the league specific rules as well: 2015 League Rules

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