COED Playoff Update

So it comes down to tonight to determine who gets the last playoff spot.

Currently three teams have clinched playoff berths: London Bridge Electric, Hammer Time, and Bradley Ford.

The last spot is up for grabs between Oasis Floors (M.O. #2) and The Kind Connection (M.O. #1)

London Bridge Electric has clinched the #1 seed

Bradley Ford sits in the #2 seed Friday after their win over Hammer Time last night they have one game remaining vs The Kind Connection (M.O. #1). If they win, they stay in the #2 seed.

Hammer Time sits in the #3 seed. They need to win tonight vs. The Kind Connection (M.O. #1) and a Bradley Ford loss to get the #2 seed.

The Kind Connection (M.O. #1) sits in the #4 seed as of now. They need to finish with a better record than Oasis Floors to clinch. Their last two games vs Bradley Ford and Hammer Time are tonight.

Oasis Floors (M.O. #2)  They need to finish with the same record or a better record than The Kind Connection (M.O. #1). They have one game remaining tonight vs. Havasupai Hodgepodge

Oasis Floors (M.O. #2) wins the tiebreaker v. The Kind Connection (M.O. #1)

Bradley Ford wins the tiebreaker v. Hammer Time

Remember to come out for the playoffs:

COED playoffs are Friday (tomorrow) at 6 and 7 with the Championship game at 8pm

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