LHCSA Championship History

MEN’S Combined League

2019 Spring

2018 Fall                      Legion

2018 Spring                 Legion

2017 Fall                      Los Toros

2017 Spring                 Legion

2016 Fall                       Legion

2016 Spring                 Legion

2014 Summer          Carneceria El Corral

2014 Spring             Carneceria El Corral

2013 Summer          Carneceria El Corral


A League Red Robin Trophy



2015 Fall                       Legion

2015 Spring                 Los Toros

2014 Fall                     Janecek Homes

2014 Spring             Carneceria El Corral

2013 Fall                     Absolute Advantage

2013 Spring               Absolute Advantage

2012 Fall                    Absolute Advantage

2012 Spring               A&E Service

2011 Fall                    Havoc


B League Bluewater Accounting Trophy



2015 Fall                   London Bridge Electric

2015 Spring              Bud Light

2014 Fall                   London Bridge Electric

2014 Spring              Bud Light

2013 Fall                    Mad Dogs

2013 Spring               Janecek Homes

2012 Fall                   Hava Mex

2012 Spring               Andersons

2011 Spring                Carneceria El Corral


C League

2015 Spring                Bad Dogs


COED League Brett Kelley Trophy

2019 Spring

2018 Fall                      Oddballz

2018 Spring                 Oddballz

2017 Fall                      Colorado River Ins. LLC

2017 Spring                 Oddballz

2016 Fall                      Oddballz

2016 Spring                 Oddballz

2015 Fall                       London Bridge Electric

2015 Spring                 London Bridge Electric

2014 Fall                      London Bridge Electric

2014 Summer            Oddballz

2014 Spring               MCC Bighorns

2013 Fall                     Lakeside Physical Therapy

2013 Spring                Lakeside Physical Therapy

2012 Fall                     Happy Kitty

2012 Spring                Hammer Time

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