Team Managers and Rosters

2016 Fall Season Team Managers


Legion-Kenny S. 928-846-5641

 Big O-Bill V. 928-846-6788

Balistreris- Gregg Buschmann-916-952-5186

Impact-Tommy Case 928-230-8655

Rivas Carpet-Gaston R. 928-230-1937

Rebels – Jamie Balins 480-939-4989

 Masonry & More -Terry M. 928-208-7298

Esci-Gary G. 310-782-4380

Toros- Ryan French- 928-208-3573




Bradley Ford Bobby A.  928-486-6434

London Bridge Electric- Ed Mytinger 619-987-7938

Oddballz-Jacob S. 928-486-4596

Colorado River Insurance -Jarrod-  928-846-5487

Kick Dirt – Charley Jackson

Lakeside Ortho- Gary Gallo- 310-782-4380

Haven Heat- Ashley Marble- 928-230-9226


2 thoughts on “Team Managers and Rosters

  1. I am a 23 year old woman looking to join softball I’ve played a little bit in Florida and was wanting to join a team.

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