MONDAY AUGUST 3, 2015 6:00PM Lake Havasu Aquatic Center Room 155/156(in the back-outside entrance)

All managers (or team representative) MUST be present with a copy of the signed roster (minimum 9 players)  and payment.

All rosters MUST be signed or will not be accepted. No exceptions.

All Managers or a team representative MUST attend the meeting.

No grace periods. If you do not have payment, or a signed roster you will not be playing in the 2018 Spring Season


Items discussed at the mandatory Spring season board meeting on Jan. 29th 2018:  that will be discussed and or voted on at the mandatory meeting on Jan. 29th:

  • HR one base advancement rule. If all players do not advance at least one base it will be considered an out.
  • Player Behavior. We discussed player behavior and although we had a few incidents it was a lot better this year, to include the alcohol use. Thank you. Please remember umpires are human and we require them to have a functioning league. Please be respectful even though you may disagree with the calls. We do not need to create a hostile environment for them.
  • Playoff roster rule discussion. Must use rostered players or forfeit. Also discussed teams that abuse the privilege of picking up players during the season and are constantly doing so. More discussion with managers at mandatory meeting.
  • League divisions
    • Doing away with A-B-C league
    • Having one combined league again with A and B designated teams and possibly expanding playoffs for B
    • or moving 2-4 B teams up to A league and having a 6-8 team A league and a 6-8 team B league. A must have at least 6 teams to do this.
  • All star committee. At least 3 people to organize and fundraise and secure permits and vendors.
  • Board vacancies after August 3: Vice President and Website Manager will be needed. Need volunteers.
  • Balls for 2018 fall season  already ordered and shipped
  • Umpires needed and payment. We need committed umpires. Umpires will be paid bi-weekly or at the end of the season.Their choice. A procedure will be put in place so they can be added to the calendar after they work a game to ensure payment. If umpire shortage, we will have to certify some players to fill in for games to keep the league moving
  • Moving the bases closer. We are going by ASA rules currently 65′
  • Shed. Need to get shed ordered and in place. Concrete needs to be poured as well.
  • Scheduling fields. Any team scheduling a field as an LHCSA team with the city MUST only practice with ASA rostered players for 2018 for insurance purposes. No exceptions. This is an insurance issue. Remember these are public parks, you may use them at will as long as they are available , but you must be rostered if you are calling to reserve them as an LHCSA team. Our insurance covers rostered players for the current calendar year.
  • Non Rostered and Underage Players. Any team using a non ASA rostered player or underage player during a game and refusing to provide ID when asked, will result in game stoppage until ID is provided to verify eligibility and or forfeit if ID is not provided. No exceptions. This puts the league at risk and is irresponsible. Manager suspensions may also be discussed depending upon the severity.
  • Ejections. Any player, manager, or fan ejected from the game or spectating area by a league umpire, MUST leave SARA park entirely. Again, this means no hanging out in the parking lot, no walking up to the other ball fields, get in your car and go home or anywhere but SARA park. You have been ejected from the park. Violations going forward will result in team forfeit and suspensions and or banishment from the park. It is the managers responsibility to know this and enforce it. Ignorance of this policy is no longer an excuse.
  • Summer League. We will not have summer league this year due to losing money each year because of team participation


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