All Star Game Update and Volunteers/Donations needed

Here is what is going on for the All Star game:

So we have the approval to bring our own alcohol out on March 7th. We cannot sell it but it can be brought for private consumption.

It would be great to have some volunteers to do some grilling as well. Do a bring your own meat type of thing or even have someone donate some food. Either way you can bring your grills out and do your own thing if you like.
Each team will vote for two players the week before the game that can actually make the game on Saturday March 7th.

If we do not get enough COED we will just play Men’s games. I am hoping COED makes a good showing.

We have not determined the format yet. We were thinking of a couple formats for the men’s league: A vs B/C, A vs B B vs C and or a mixed single game. We are also going to reach out to the senior league to play us. Suggestions and ideas are welcome. It is all in fun.

I am currently working on a purchase package to be approved to provide a raffle for one bat (model TBD) a bat bag, and a pair of batting gloves. I want to sell raffle tickets for this at the games up until the all star game. The raffle will be a must be present to win type of raffle.

Anyone that wants to donate items for the raffle depending on the price of the item will get their company logo on the back of the championship shirts this season. I want to do all-star shirts as well ( and their logo would be on there too)  but I need to get quotes and approval before that can happen as well. It will be a great way to get your logo out there. I would also like to sell and or league shirts/hats at the all star game with all the proceeds going to help pay for the all star game. We are not trying to make a profit, just break even. But any extra funds will go towards the next all star game. So as soon as I get the quotes and designs on the shirts and hats I will attempt to get board approval and move forward with that. We already voted on the hats/shirts option for the champions of the leagues.

So can you get the word out for donations for the raffle please contact me ASAP 846-5724 or as we only have a couple of weeks to get this going.

Also I want to present a new bat for the winner of the HR contest ( we will be using the old balls not the new ones ) and a bat bag for the runner up. That is part of the package I am getting quotes on now. It is a $10.00 entry for the HR contest and I would like to reward the winner.

We don’t have a lot of time with this, much of the focus was spent on umpires and the new season, we hope to see this grow as the league moves forward. Possibly having a dedicated all-star coordinator to secure vendors, music, permits, etc down the road. I was going to schedule vendors but I realized it is a lot of work in such short time.

I know in the past the league has had some great end of season parties, I would like to incorporate this into our all star game and make it a twice a year thing ( Fall and Spring seasons) . Any other help, ideas, and or  suggestions are more than welcome. This is your league.

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