Clarification for Facebook Users and How To Keep Current on League News

There are two Facebook pages out there:

Facebook user: Havasu Softball

This is the league page and where all news and updates are automatically posted. it is also where you can ask questions on Facebook.

The second is a Facebook group: Lake Havasu Men’s and Coed Softball that predates the league facebook page.

The league news, updates and question answers will not get posted here. This is a private group not run by the league.  We will not be posting on this group.

Please Note:

We also have a Twitter account: @LHCSoftball

and a Google + account: Havasu Softball

if you are a WordPress user you can follow the website as well, user LHCSA or the website

All news posted on the website automatically update to these social media sites.

If you have questions you need to ask via these social media sites, call or email a board member, email the webmaster, or post in the League Forums otherwise you may not get an answer. The Facebook group is not monitored.

So please check or follow one of these sites or the website for  the most current league information and news.


Thank you!

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