IMPORTANT: 2015 Spring Season and New Mandatory Roster and Payment Rules

With the new changes coming for 2015 I wanted to remind everyone:

NOW is the time to get signed rosters and player payments if you plan on playing this winter 2015, you should also start working on sponsor payments.

The season start is TBD but will be at the end of January or beginning of February. That means that mid January will more than likely be the mandatory coaches meeting where both payment and a signed roster will have to be submitted to be put on the schedule. So please plan accordingly. This will all happen around 60 days from now. If your sponsor needs time to generate a PO and or get payment for coporate, please get in contact with the league treasurer Sergi  to make arrangements.

Late submissions will be rejected. With no exceptions. The roster and payment must be submitted to secure scheduling.

If you do not submit your payment and roster at the meeting you will not be playing the Winter 2015 season. Rosters can be added to all season up until 2 games remain for your team in the regular season.
We will try to get meeting dates and season start dates published ASAP, but this is your first reminder.
Rosters can be downloaded here:

Sponsor Fees:

$350 Per Team for 20 Games (Men’s)

$175 Per Team for 10 Games (Coed)

Player Fees:

$22 Fee per Player

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