Softball Bat and other equipment questions?

Feel free to email me about any question on which bats are good for the balls our league uses(52′ 300) or just looking on where to find good deals on equipment for softball,fast pitch, and baseball let me know and I will help you out . I can help explain rules and regulations on all equipment and whats allowed and banned.



Text: 928-846-1438

League Start Date and Other Meeting Items Of Note

The 2015 Fall Season will start on the 17th of August

Gabe Garay was voted in as the new Vice President.

Rule changes or clarifications to note:

  • All players must advance one base after a home run. Failure to do so will result in an out.
  • The pitching height is 5-10 feet
  • You must play your current roster during the playoffs. No exceptions.
  • Once a player is ejected they must leave the entire park to include the parking lot. This means other ball fields as well. The entire park means: leave SARA Park and go somewhere else. Failure to do so will lead to further suspensions.