Summer League

Summer season is right around the corner so I need a head count of teams that are interested in playing so please contact me on my cell 928-412-4855 to let me know your interest. Season could start at the end of May if we have enough teams both for co-ed and men’s.



The league forums for the player/team finder are here:

If you are a team looking for players or a player looking for a team to play in the summer league, I suggest you sign up and post up in the forum. This way teams that have sponsorship but not enough players can connect and we can get enough teams for the summer league.

A thread has been created for this:


COED Playoff Update

Two of the four playoff spots have been clinched.

Close races for the final two spots in each division.

Lake View Division

Lakeside Physical Therapy clinched a playoff berth, the division and the #2 seed as they win the tiebreakers over  MCC,  M.O.#1, Hammer Time, and Bradley Ford.

MCC and M.O.#1 are fighting for the final spot. MCC has three playoff contenders on their remaining schedule.

They have not played each other yet this season. Their April 25th meeting could be the decider in this race.

MCC has three games remaining: Bradley Ford, M.O. #1, Hammer Time

M.O.#1 is one half game back and has two games remaining: Havasu Crossfit, MCC

Havasu Crossfit and Havasupai Hodge Podge have been eliminated from playoff contention.

Parkway Division

Odd Ball clinched a playoff berth and the division as well as the #1 seed. Their final game against Lakeside on April 25 will be a playoff primer. They defeated Lakeside 13-8 in their last meeting.

Hammer Time and Bradley Ford are fighting for the last spot. Hammer Time wins the tiebreaker (1-1) 27-15. Bradley will have to finish with a better record than Hammer Time.

Both teams have two games remaining.

Hammer Time: Havasu Crossfit, MCC

Bradley Ford: MCC, Havasu Crossfit

M.O. #2 has been eliminated from playoff contention.



COED Standings

There have been many issues regarding the COED scores and recieving them in a timely manner early in the season. This resulted in incorrect scores and or standings.


I took the time to go through and reconcile everything and correct it today. I apologize for neglecting to follow up on these things.


The updated and correct standings are posted here:



Thanks for your patience.

New League Forum

I created a new League Forum, it can be accessed from the link on the top left of the website or by going here:

As usual I used a free resource to save the league money so it will be light on the features, but it costs nothing.

I added a general forum for BSing, a for sale forum to sell and look for items, a players and teams looking for players forum, and a league feedback forum where you can air your grievances, post your accolades, or just give general league feedback.

Hopefully we get enough participation to make it worth while. This is especially good for those of us that do not like facebook.